7 February 2024

Megan Embarks on a 3-Month Sabbatical

We are proud to announce that our Marketing Manager, Megan, is embarking on a three-month sabbatical, starting this week.

At Stirlin, we firmly believe in supporting our staff in their pursuit of personal growth, and Megan’s sabbatical is a testament to this.

Megan has been an integral part of the Stirlin family for nearly five years, bringing her skills and creativity to numerous projects, elevating the Stirlin brand through her marketing efforts.

We appreciate the hard work she has put in over years, and this break is a recognition of her commitment.

Taking a sabbatical is more than just time off work; it’s an investment in self-development. We encourage our team members to explore new horizons, recharge, and return with fresh perspectives, ready to contribute even more to the Stirlin ethos.

We look forward to welcoming Megan back after her sabbatical, with new insights and ideas. We’re confident that her return will bring a fresh perspective to Stirlin, enriching our work environment and enhancing our collaborative efforts.

While Megan takes this time for herself, the rest of the Stirlin team is here, ensuring that our projects and services continue seamlessly. We look forward to updates from Megan on her experiences and adventures during this break.

We extend our best wishes to Megan, and we eagerly await her return, ready to embark on new projects and milestones together.

At Stirlin, we believe that investing in the well-being of our team members is an investment in the success and sustainability of our company.