7 January 2019

Parman Court: Groundbreaking

Stirlin Developments recently purchased the former garage and filling station at 3 Lincoln Road, Saxilby for redevelopment. Since our last update, Team Stirlin have been busy demolishing the garage and preparing the site.

The name “Parman Court” was suggested by Liz Hillman, a Saxilby resident, as an homage to the Parman family who built the original garage at the end of Mill Lane and opened for business in 1937. With this in mind, we invited some members of the Parman family to the site to turn the first sod with Paul Wheatley, our Senior Project Manager.

Brian Parman, John Parman and Sheila are the grandchildren of Edward Parman, who originally had a building on Bridge place where he sold and serviced motor vehicles. John Parman’s Father and Uncle were in partnership of E. Parman and sons and when the new road bridge was built over the river and railway, they built the new garage in 1937.   John said, “I spent most of my life here. I was born in the house next door in 1941 and then continued as sole proprietor and lived here with my family until 1998. We are delighted with the choice of name for the development.”

The development will offer both three and four-bedroom homes. Plot 3 has already been reserved and we have a large amount of interest in the remaining 4 plots.

For more information on this development, call us on 01522 682752.