8 March 2024

Stirlin Chosen as Main Contractor for YMCA Lincolnshire’s Housing Expansion Project

Stirlin is delighted to confirm that they have been appointed as the main contractor for the proposed development of housing at Sheridan Close, St Giles, Lincoln for YMCA Lincolnshire. This transformative project will include 16 independent apartments, providing essential move-on accommodation and support or assisted living for young people.  This is a much-needed facility and contributes significantly to YMCA Lincolnshire’s mission of supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the region.

YMCA Lincolnshire has been a cornerstone of community support for over 150 years, managing over 170 units of accommodation throughout Lincoln. Their dedication to providing crucial services to those in need aligns seamlessly with Stirlin’s commitment to delivering exceptional projects that positively impact communities.

This project expands the housing provision already provided by the charity.  CEO Caroline Killeavy said “We are delighted to be working with Stirlin Developments to create this much needed, high-quality accommodation offer for local young people. Sixteen self-contained modern apartments will provide a much-needed safe space for those who have experienced hardship in their lives.”

Stirlin’s extensive experience in the construction industry, since its establishment in 2007, positions them as a reliable partner for this significant project. Renowned for their excellence and innovation, Stirlin has garnered recognition as an award-winning company with a proven track record in various sectors, including education, commercial and industrial, office, and residential.

Tony Lawton MD Stirlin “Social values are embedded at the heart of what we do at Stirlin and so we are unbelievably proud to be part of this project as it will make such a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities.”

The collaboration between YMCA Lincolnshire and Stirlin signifies a powerful partnership that combines expertise and compassion to address pressing social needs. By leveraging YMCA Lincolnshire’s profound understanding of community support and Stirlin’s unmatched construction capabilities, this partnership ensures that the housing expansion project will not only meet the highest standards of quality but also serve as a beacon of hope for young people in need. Together, YMCA Lincolnshire and Stirlin embody the spirit of community collaboration, working hand in hand to create tangible, lasting change in Lincolnshire.